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Nota dell'autore

Dive into the creative chaos of 'Before Collapse,' a display font crafted by the imaginative Galdino Otten Fonts. With its distorted, extra-bold character, this typeface is a playful rebel in the world of sans-serifs. Designed to capture attention and inject vibrancy into any project, it's not just a font—it's an attitude.

Perfect for picture books and children’s tales, 'Before Collapse' brings stories to life with its kid-friendly style. Educators and designers will find it a delightful choice for school materials and everyday creations that require a touch of fun. This font doesn't just speak; it shouts with joyful abandon, making it an irresistible pick for those looking to add personality and boldness to their work.

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Informazioni di base caratteri

Font famiglia
Before Collapse
Font sottofamiglia
Sottofamiglia unico di identificazione
Before Collapse:Version 1.000
Nome completo del font
Before Collapse
Nome tabella versione
Version 1.000;October 31, 2023;FontCreator 64-bit
Postscript nome del font
This font was created using FontCreator 14.0 from

Informazioni estese caratteri

Piattaforme supportate

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 e poi semantica, unicode BMP solo
MicrosoftUnicode BMP solo

Dettagli carattere

Contatore glifi235
Unità per em2048
Incorporare i dirittiIncorporamento per l'editing consentito
Classe famigliaNessuna classificazione
PesoExtra grassetto
Mac styleGrassetto
DirezioneSolo fortemente sinistra a destra glifi + contiene neutrali
Disegno naturaRegolari